Motorcycling Queensland subcommittees are responsible for the overall direction of their particular discipline.

MQ subcommittee members are elected at the AGM from candidates that put themselves forward to work with a particular discipline. It is understood these candidates have the requisite knowledge of that particular discipline to assist both clubs and the sport in its growth and development, along with technical aspects that may arise in relation to the conduct of that discipline.

MQ subcommittees are accountable to the MQ Board. Subcommittees must manage tasks delegated to them by the MQ Board, and make recommendations to the board in relation to that subcommittee’s discipline.

The Committee & Subcommittee Governance Policy is available for download here.

If you need to contact our sub-committees for any reason please contact us.


Lisa Fox (President)
Derek Rumble
Allan Halley
Anne Polsoni
Andy Walmsley
Melissa Crittenden
Russell Bentley (Vice President) - Independent appointee until May 2020

Dirt Track
John Stark
David Montgomery
Matthew Cousins

Frank Gordon

Debbie Douglas
Mark Counsell
Andrew Davis

Sport Development Subcommittee

Julie Newsome (CQ delegate)
Anne Polsoni
John Armstrong


Graham Weiss
Justin Gough
Andrew Stacey
Andrew McDonald-Smith
Tony Bax


Officials Review Board (Committee)

Terry Wellsteed
Mike Varleigh
Weldon Jung
Ralph Freeman
Julie Maeyke
Chris Walker

Road Race

Matthew Weinert (Women's)
Tom Williams (Juniors)
Dave Fuller
Tim Hewitt (NQ)
Peter Payne
Jason Allen


William Warwick-Day
Tracey Tunstall
Robyn Snow
Michael Anderton
Ashleigh Smith

Mark Franzmann (NQ delegate)
Jason Watson (Junior)
Julie Newsome (Women's)
Kevin Mortimer (Classic MX)
Terry Wellsteed
Weldon Jung
Ralph Freeman
Mike Varley
Chris Walker
Julie Maeyke 


Motocross Organising Committees:

  2018 SEQ Junior MX Series
  Anne Polsoni

  2018 Sunshine State MX Series

  Rachelle Houterman

  2018 QLD MX Championships
 Rachelle Houterman

  2018 CQ MX Series
  Julie Newsome
  Seana Clarke

  2018 North QLD MX Series
  Tracey Grinham

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