Application for a Club Coach Licence
Application / Renewal for a Level 1 Coaching Licence
Application / Renewal for a Level 2 Coaching Licence

Coaching Permits are now available online via RIDERNET
Coaching Report

Coaching Hand Book

Permit Fee Structure for Coaching 
Guidelines for Conducting Coaching
MQ Coaching Permit Fee Structure - view on the MQ Fees List
Motorcycling Australia - Coaching Guidelines
Supercross Accreditation Form (for endorsing SX riders)
How to apply for a coaching permit online via Ridernet

A Level 1 Motorcycle Sport Coach can:

  • Conduct basic licence testing (ie. Kick Start or competency upgrades in the Junior Coaching Program)
  • Assist Level 2 coaches and supervise structured coaching days
  • Coach a maximum of 6 riders in a coaching session

A Level 2 Motorcycle Sport Coach can:

  • Conduct advanced licence testing
  • Create their own coaching sessions
  • Utilise Level 1 accredited coaches as assistants
  • Coach a maximum of 15 riders, with an additional 10 riders per Level 1 assistant coach

Application for an Officials Licence (New, Renewals and Upgrades)
Officials Assessment Form
Flag Marshal Duties
Officials Expense Sheet
Officials Licence Expiry - Application to extend Licence (12 months)
Penalty Guidelines for Officials
Compulsory Riders Briefing

Events – Stewards and Key Officials

QLD Title, Open or Regional Zone Meeting Guidelines


Practice Guidelines


Stewards Cover Sheet
Competition Event Report

Non-competition Event Report
Road Ride Report
Practice Report
Injury Report Form

Machine Measurer's Report


MQ Critical Incident Response Procedures
Fine Notification
Licence / Log Book Declaration Form
Stewards Determination
Clerk of Course Determination
MA Steward's Manual

Trail Rides & Guided Tours:
MQ Trail Guidelines
MQ Sweep Rider Guidelines
MQ Sweep rider sign on form
Trail Ride Template Entry Form
Trail Ride Report

MQ Guidelines for Guided Tour Operators
MQ Guided Tour Equipment Guidelines
Responsibilities for Assist. Lead Ride
Responsibilities for Lead Ride

Blue Cards:
Visit the Blue Card Services & Applications website here

Blue Card Form

Link an applicant/cardholder Form 

Confirmation of Identity Form


You must send these forms back to the office for signing and then the office sends them on for you.

Please email them to -


Track Guidelines

Motorcycling Australia Track Guidelines


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