The Board Papers, January 2016

The Board Papers, January 2016

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Happy New Year to you all.  We hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas-New Year break.

Now for 2016. The MQ board usually does not meet in January.  However, this year because of the many projects we have on our plate, we met in January to review our progress against our current strategic plan and begin preparations for a new strategic plan 2017-2019.  That review showed we had made good progress against many strategic objectives, but, as always, there is room for improvement.

At the end of last year, I mapped out the board projects for 2016, or at least those I know about now.  And it is challenging list.  Some of the projects emerge from commitments we have made at the regional forum meetings and I listed them in the last 'Board Papers'.

And here is the list of projects and objectives to which the MQ board is committing in 2016:






Stakeholder liaison plan

MQ office/board

Suggest that any liaison plan must include discussions with the following:




· Other Willowbank lessees

· Promoters

· Bike/ATV distributors

· Coaches

· Amberley base

· V8 Supercar teams

· Possible minikhana operators (probably MQ)

· Others ???

Develop draft business plan based on discussions with stakeholders

MQ office/board


Develop master plan

MQ office/JW Concepts


Develop design

JWC Concepts


Appoint project manager

MQ office/board


Development budget

MQ office/board







Manage sale with objective to complete by March 2017.

MQ office/Equis6






Rationalise number of Qld championships

Schedule of all current championships

MQ office/Ralph


Develop recommendations for rationalisation






Subcommittee reform

Recommend new list of subcommittees & panels

Dave & Lisa

Consider creation of subcommittee for promotion of each major series with cross-membership with other relevant subcommittees.

Task description for each subcommittee

Update current task checklist in Committee and subcommittee governance policy.

Recommendations for composition of each subcommittee

Consider integrating representation for juniors, women & historic into disciple subcommittees

Identify vacancies

MQ office


EOI process for vacancies


Appoint new subcommittee members

MQ office/board






Club development

Model MQ club constitution



Develop template community/social benefits paper

MQ office

Include community economic benefits calculator.

Roll out RiderNet module for event management


Roll out RiderNet module for club management


Training for clubs on new RiderNet modules


Develop MQ office finding grant application assistance capacity






Develop authentic inter-club competition

Develop brief to relevant subcommittees to develop recommendations for regular local inter-club competition

MQ office/board

Emphasis on club team competition.

Emphasis on better use of resources: ie

· Pooling of officials & volunteers.

· Each club has to run fewer meetings, but riders get more riding opportunities.

· Revenue sharing.

Review club day permit scheme to facilitate integration of internal club championship with inter-club meetings


Investigate how MQ can support and coordinate inter-club competition.






Board reform

Draft constitutional amendments


Amendments to include the following:

· Nominations committee.

· No vote for president.

· Board to appoint it's own chair.

· Retain facility to appoint outside independent directors.

Develop board performance review protocols



Develop board manual and board induction manual






Indigenous Participation Project

Document objectives & plan

Violet, Brian & GM

This will be required to develop the project into the future.


Consider expansion to include officials training for non-riders.

It would be desirable that we attempt to include more indigenous people in MQ.


Consider what other support MQ can provide.







And there are some other projects that we must keep confidential at the moment.  As soon as the need for confidentiality dissolves, I will tell you about those projects.

As always, if you have any comments, criticisms or suggestions in relation to any of these projects, please contact the office and let us know what you think.

Similarly, if there are projects you think the board should adopt and develop, please lets us know.


Until next month…….

Jim Feehely.


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