Rule Change Requests for 2020 Manual of Motorcycling Sport (MoMs)

Rule Change Requests for 2020 Manual of Motorcycling Sport (MoMs)

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Submissions for alterations, deletions or additions for the 2020 competition rules are now being called for. These submissions can be by individuals, clubs or other interested parties. We encourage your input and recommendations to better the sport for our competitors.

Submitting a Rule Change Request
It is recommended that proposals for a rule change detail the section number and wording stipulated in the current 2019
MoM’s (if this is an existing rule), with a rationale as to why the rule should be amended/added and the ideal chapter/section for the rule to be included.
Applications must be completed via the Rule Change Request Form and submitted to by Friday the 15th March 2019.

Rule Change Process
Should the relevant Commission decide to pursue a rule change submission, it will be open to State Controlling Bodies
(SCB) and the general public for consideration. Comments will be reviewed by Motorcycling Australia (MA) staff to
determine the official wording of the proposed rule. This will then be addressed to the Rules and Technical Committee whom shall decide to accept or reject the submission.

Immediate Rule Changes
In the event a rule requires an immediate amendment the process outlined above shall be adhered to. The general public
will be notified of the change via a Bulletin/ media release and a Rule Change Information Bulletin will be submitted to all
SCB’s to disseminate to affiliated clubs.

All Bulletins will be made available under the Rules section of the MA website, .
Please contact the Rule and Technical (Admin) Coordinator on the undersigned details should you have any queries.

Lana McMahon
Rule and Technical (Admin) Coordinator
Motorcycling Australia
Tel (Direct): (03) 9684 0512

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