The General, April 2015

The General, April 2015

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Welcome again to the MQ e-newsletter.

Inappropriate Behaviour at Events

I would rather not start off on a negative note, but I feel it is necessary to yet again raise the issue of rude, disgusting and inappropriate behaviour at events and associated commentary on Facebook, levelled at officials.

After having made remarks in my last article about appropriate standards of behaviour it appears that there remains an element in the sport that seem to think their opinion is right and that of anyone else is wrong.  While I understand we are all entitled to our opinion, the manner in which we chose to express it is an entirely different thing.

There are processes to be followed in this sport if you do not agree with a decision made by an official. 

You may choose to follow this process or not, but you may not chose to be rude and obnoxious and expect not to be held accountable.  Think before you act, because failure to do so may be more uncomfortable than one bargained on. 

Officials in this sport give up a lot of time to allow all of you to complete and practice in the sport you love, be mindful of that before you shoot your mouth off over something you may not necessarily be correct over.  My level of tolerance of this behaviour is now at zero and I and the Board of MQ, will have no hesitation in removing from this sport individuals that chose to conduct themselves in a manner less than what is expected towards officials and other fellow competitors, either at an event or on social media.

I have attached the link to the sports social media policy, please address it: click here for the policy.

Medical Insurance

I would like to remind you again about the importance of medical insurance.  While as licence holders of this sport you do have personal accident insurance coverage that coverage by nature does have its limitations and we would encourage all individuals to also look at having private health cover while you are competing in this sport.

Further information can be found on insurance here.

Queensland Series Updates

We are up to the third round of the Shell Series, with this round occurring at the Suncoast Junior Motorcycle Club in Coolum.  To date the series has been very successful, despite the rain, with an increase in competitor numbers and positive feedback coming from both riders and officials alike.  Let hope we have great weather that will allow all riders to compete at their best.

Round 2 of the Go Girls Series was just held at Harvey Bay.  I would like to thank the organisers of this series for their efforts to date, with the series being strongly supported this year but the clubs and competitors alike.

Annual General Meeting

The MQ AGM will be held on May 6, 2015 at the MQ offices in Ipswich.  The meeting agenda has been distributed along with Ballot Papers for election to the Board and sub-committees. I encourage all our clubs to take an active role in the selection of the members of the Board and associated sub-committees.  These groups are here to work with you on the management and conduct of the sport for all involved. I also encourage as many clubs as possible to send delegates to the AGM in May and join us for drinks and nibbles afterwards.


Ridernet is in the final stages of readiness and is due to go live to members throughout Australia in the next month or so.  It is important that all members have an email address that is current and registered with MQ.  It is via this email address that you will receive information and notification to validate your profile.

If you do not have a current email address with MQ you will receive a letter indicating you will need to establish one.  Once you have done this you will receive the appropriate notification about accessing your profile.

At the same time as Ridernet is launched, MQ will release its new website that will provide direct access to Ridernet, along with all the other aspects of the sport that have previously been available via the website.  We hope you will find the new website a better window into our sport here in Qld and easier to navigate.


In closing, as usual, I again cannot encourage our members and clubs enough to contact the MQ office for assistance with any concerns, development issues or the like that you may have.  We are here to assist so please use this resource that is available to all of you as and when you need it.

Have a great month of racing and remember it is about enjoying ourselves… relax and have fun.





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